Cricket is first known to have been played in Calne in 1776. Unfortunatly there is very little information about this event. In 1891 the recreation club was opened in what is now known as Anchor road. The money was provided for this facility by Thomas Harris, the proprietor of Harris bacon factory. By the 1920’s many sporting activities were organised around the recreation club by or in conjunction with C & T Harris LTD, cricket being one of them. At this time the cricket club was known as Harris’s of Calne. By 1951 there is evidence of there being two teams in Calne, Harris of Calne and what is now Calne cricket club. Harris played on a ground at Lickhill rd and Calne at the recreation ground. Calne was also known as the Calne co-op in the 60’s. This was due to the chain store the co-op which at the time had a large store in the town, assisted the club with some financial matters. There is recorded evidence that in 1951 & 1953 calne’s club colours where red. The club colours are now green and yellow when this change occurred. Calne Cricket Club started to play league Cricket in 1981, before this the matches were friendly games.

In 1980 the season before Calne joined the league results for the year where played 41. Won 8. Lost 19. Drew 14 (3 matches rain stopped play). Cancelled 5. The club at that time had approximately 33 playing members, the majority of which lived outside of the town in places like Chippenham, wootton Bassett and Swindon. There is also evidence of youth team players but only in one off games.

In 2000 the first official youth section transpired comprising of under 13's & 15's section, instigated & run by Peter Knight. Pete's two boys inspired Pete to develop this area. this was aided one year later by the work of Steve Richards and Martin Butler and Diane Butler. This section flourished, seeing in 2001 the addition of the under 11's, in 2004 girls between 10 and 15 years. Also in 2001, the under 15’s were North Wiltshire league champions, and county Sunbank cup champions. Competitive and representative cricket opportunities were offered. In 2004 the club was granted £7000 by local network funding for their work with young people and in 2005 the club achieved club mark accreditation from the English cricket board.

In 2011 saw the club move fom the recreation ground to Beversbrook sports facility & the use of a private sports facility in a secure & safe enviroment for all ages .

The first ever game at our new ground was between calne 1st team & calne 2nd team with the 1st team coming out victors.