“Sport England’s’ accreditation of Calne Cricket Club with the Clubmark proves that, Calne CC is a club that you can send your child to safe in the knowledge they will be well looked after and enjoy their cricket.”


Calne Cricket Club has been accredited for the Sport England Clubmark award and has passed with flying colours! It's a great achievement resulting from much hard work led by Diane Butler. In an interview with the local Media, husband and club chairman, Martin had this to say about the award:

"What it means is we are a child friendly club. With our child protection rules, the kids are in a safe environment. It's taken three years, writing plans out and putting structures into place. It's quite an achievement for a little club like us. I think we are one of the smaller clubs to have it."

The full interview can be read here:


Calne is one a growing number of Cricket Clubs that take the welfare of children at their club incredibly seriously. By taking the time to work towards and achieving Clubmark, Calne has shown its commitment to its junior players and to its wider local community.

The Clubmark logo is recognised by both ECB and Sport England and it tells teachers, parents, community leaders, Local Authorities, funding agencies and all those with a responsibility for the welfare of young children, that Calne Cricket Club is a safe place for children to enjoy playing cricket.

The Clubmark logo proves the club has a:

  • Child Welfare policy
  • Specific personnel trained in Child Welfare issues
  • Comprehensive Insurance cover
  • The capability to administer First Aid where needed
  • Constitution that allows any child to play and get involved

Clubmark sets core and common criteria for sports clubs to meet in the following categories:

  • Child Protection
  • Coaching and competition
  • Sports equity and ethics
  • Club management


Nearly half of all children and young people are members of clubs outside school and it is important that these clubs serve young people well. Now that Calne Cricket Club has been awarded the Clubmark you can be assured of the following:

  • That we will ensure the well-being of young people whilst in the care of adult members of the club, other than legal parent(s)/carer(s).
  • That we will do our utmost to enthuse young people to enjoy sport and active recreation to build a healthy lifestyle.
  • That we will provide the opportunity for young people to use their leisure time creatively.
  • That we will continually developing young people's talents
  • That we will identify and develop the most talented young people for representative sport.


  • We will be better organised and resourced, as a club, and able to further develop.
  • We will be in a position where we can increase membership if necessary to ensure the future of the club whilst increasing the competitive pool from which to draw in the future.
  • We will be networked into local and national sports organisations that can provide further support.
  • We will be promoted in the local community and on a national database.


The development of Calne Cricket Club, based on the Clubmark is a ongoing process. We will be continually improving the club’s development plan to ensure that we provide the right facilities and infrastructure for the club.